360 Export settings

Finding the optimum export settings to get the best quality footage on your chosen headset can be difficult. To help other VR film makers, I have compiled a list of my preferred settings for export for each headset.

It appears there is no central resource for this information so I have shared my own personal tests.

If you have further information to share please let me know.

Version 1.0 (13/08/2019)

Oculus Go

Format Resolution Frame Rate Codec Bitrate
360 Monoscopic 4096x2048 60 H264 / H265 100
360 Monoscopic 5120x2560 30 H264 100
360 Stereoscopic 3840x3840 30 H264 / H265 100
360 Stereoscopic 4096x4096 30 H265 100
180 Stereoscopic 5120x2560 30 H264 100

Note: Oculus Go performance deteriorates when the battery is low.

Oculus Quest

(coming soon)

Unity 360 Video Player

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