My business SkyEdge 360 provided the dynamic 360 footage and expertise from both drone and rover dolly for VRCitys  immersive documentary. Premiering at Tribeca, This is an immersive journey into the history and legacy of one of the most controversial housing estates in Britain: The Aylesbury Estate, in Walworth, South London.


Through the monolithic prism of ios concrete blocks, this room-scale documentary allows people to access the personal spaces of residents and interact with content and physical archives that will examine how design, planning, dreams of utopian living and the political will of the day has affected the ordinary people caught in its midst.


Utilising stereoscopic 360 video, photogrammetry, 3D modelling, depth kit, and archive, you enter the world of the estate from its birth in the 1960’s, through its decline and up to its controversial regeneration today.

This multifaceted documentary will question notions of community, examine the dis-enfranchisement and demonisation of the working class, and ask whether current housing policy today is destined to repeat the mistakes of the past.