In co-operation with The Fred Co. I was tasked with creating a mixed virtual reality experience for Jisc, to show what the experience of education for a student could potentially be in 10 years time. This blended 360 Video, VR, AR and AI. The project was so successful it is now being used outside of the original scope of the project.

NATALIE_4.0 is a virtual reality experience debuted at JISC edtech conference 2019. The user sees everything from the perspective of Natalie, a student studying combined Geography and History in 2029. You are able to select options throughout Natalie's day to explore the different technologies that in the future are commonplace in education. Created to provoke discussion, it achieved just that, with some wanting the technology in place now, whilst others commenting on it being a 'dystopian future'. #technology #student #experience #virtualreality #future #education

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